feel the heat.

When musical talent, creative characters, and good vibes collide, the outcome is nothing short of an artistic explosion. This is often the story when it comes to Death Valley Entertainment discovering their next big musical sensation. Scroll down to discover the artists that embody the musical ethos and culture of the label that brings you the hottest music on Earth.



Caleb Harrison | Seneca, SC

Coming in as our hometown hero, IAMKEDD is our newest artist on our roster. With his incredible talent and great work ethic, he's truly a star to watch. Check out his new singles "Please Stay Away" and "Geekin'" on all streaming platforms now and be on the lookout for more!


Devin Driscoll | Charlotte, NC

When Lil' Vamp approached Death Valley Entertainment with their music, it was clear to all involved that there was something special about to hit the scene. Death Valley Entertainment hurried to sign them to the label, and they’ve been making incredible music together ever since. Check out his new singles "Losing My Mind" and "Yardwork" on all streaming platforms now!



Tevin McGuire | Greenville, SC

Dubbed "the Boy Wonder" by our CEO, Tevin McGuire is surely on a path to take on the music world by some serious force. Tev comes to us from Jackson, Mississippi as a highly skilled musician, producer and extremely talented crooner. Check out his new singles "Blame Cupid" and "Till I Drop" on all streaming platforms now!


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