Clemson's Premier Non-Profit Record Label

Death Valley Entertainment was formed with the goal of creating real music here in Clemson, South Carolina. We are a community of practice that strives to create the best possible content, pursue our passion for music, and grow to become a strong presence in the music community.



The Roar.

Under the leadership of Camden Johnson, Death Valley Entertainment is a pioneer as a university-sponsored, non-profit music label. A community of practice, we proudly represent a talented stream of artists and music producers, offering them a reputable platform to launch and develop their successful careers. From the very outset, we have always looked to help in any way we can to champion music we feel passionate about. But DVE is more than a record label. We strive to create a family atmosphere for our staff, artists, and students, taking advantage of our community of practice model in order to reach our individual goals. Each member of our family has a "come up", a goal they would like to reach as an individual. Some as lofty as becoming a videographer as reputable as Cole Bennett and some as supportive as only wanting to see our artists excel. We strive to use our individual "come-ups" and stories to empower and launch every member of our "ambush". Take a look around the site to get to know Death Valley Entertainment.


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